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Children Care Newcastle REFERRAL PROCEDURE

Initial telephone contact with Evolution Children Services will be made by a local authority social worker or placement manager.

During this initial contact it is essential to obtain as much information as possible about the young person’s current situation and their particular care needs. Placements will only be offered to local authorities when a completed referral form is submitted accompanied by sufficient background information to allow a realistic assessment to be made concerning the viability of the placement.

Secure Childrens Home PLANNED ADMISSIONS

It is considered good practice for the allocated keyworker to visit the child or young person in their current placement prior to admission. Arrangements should also be made for the child or young person to visit the home, with their parents or carers where appropriate, as part of a planned introduction

Following admission a placement agreement meeting will be held with all relevant parties, including parents or carers where appropriate, to draw up a written agreement for the placement.

In June 2007 the children’s conference, ‘Children on Care Standards, Your Rights, Your Say’ highlighted the need for clear and concise information in relation to rules within the home. On admission the child or young person will meet with their keyworker and will be given an age appropriate information pack giving details of the homes rules and routines e.g. expectations, jobs, activities, complaint procedure etc.

The child or young person will have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have at this stage. New residents will be expected to sign a contract to agree that they understand the rules and expectations of the home. Keyworkers will take responsibility for assisting the child or young person in their understanding of any information that is issued.

The underlying ethos and philosophy of Evolution Children Services is about helping children and young people feel safe and confident enough to take control of their own feelings, actions, and lives. Once feeling safe, children and young people can sometimes demonstrate certain anti-social behaviours which are part of the process of beginning to let go.

They may challenge and test boundaries, in an attempt to make some sense of their lives and the relationships around them. This is often because they have been let down by significant adults many times before.

Support for a child or young person at this stage is very important through having the opportunity to experience adults in a more positive light; it is possible for them to begin building trust, confidence and self esteem. As their confidence grows they will be able to take a greater control over all aspects of their lives.

Staff will always show unconditional positive regard for the child or young person, even at times of crisis. This will impact by revaluing young people who feel devalued in a society that has let them down, thus enabling them to be empowered and gradually take control.


The following must be completed by the placing authority:

  • Placing authority to send as much information as possible
  • Current risk assessment
  • Financial Agreement form; it must always be ensured that the person signing this form has the authority to do so.

Emergency admissions are extremely stressful for any child or young person. Every effort must be made to facilitate as smooth a transition as possible.

In the case of L.A.C. the child or young person should be brought to the home by their social worker and arrangements should be made immediately for future contact visits. Where appropriate an invitation to the home should also be extended to family members.

A planning meeting must be held within 72 hours of admission. The meeting should be attended by all relevant parties to draw up an initial placement agreement and a short term care plan.

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